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Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

Throughout the last 10 years POWERMOON® balloon lights have become
a standard technology to light rescue sites of every dimension. From small car accidents, to technical rescue, to train wrecks in tunnels to airplane crashes in woods, to search and
rescue operations in earthquake or flood disaster areas:

POWERMOON® balloon lights help with their glare free- shadow reduced
light and their high portability to light up the scene in the best possible way.

POWERMOON® balloon lights ensure the quickest, most efficient and safest rescue work possible.

Thousands of fire departments

and technical support teams worldwide rely on POWERMOON® lighting balloons for their operations. POWERMOON® can be found as portable- or mounted lighting units on search and rescue trucks, command vehicles, hazardous material trucks etc. etc.. We are proud to call the biggest names in the industry our customers: Rosenbauer, GimaexSchmitz, Magirus Deutz, you name them. POWERMOON® lighting balloons are also increasingly popular in the United States where fire departments of major and small cities as well as Army, Marine and Navy are using our patented technology.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

What makes a POWERMOON® so attractive and a perfect fit for police departments, fire houses, EMS and disaster relief teams?

POWERMOON® balloon lights are highly portably and guarantee much better lighting conditions than provided by conventional lighttowers or worklights. The glare free and shadow reduced light resembles daylight conditions where no one is blinded, communication is fluent and every handgrip sits perfect. Consequently, POWERMOON® balloon lights leads to drastically improved job performance and safety. In a rescue operation every second counts, every movement is important. POWERMOON® lighting balloons help those who risk everything to achieve their goals in the best possible and safe way.

With their glare free and shadow reduced light as well as their high portability, POWERMOON® light balloons are also the choice of Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Homeland Security and other agencies. Applications in which POWERMOON® are used are road blocks, DUI controls, crash scenes, crime scene investigations, border patrols, camps, training (to name only a few).

POWERMOON® balloon light advantages in a nutshell:

  • Glare Free Light – Clear visibility in a 360° circle drastically improves safety and work efficiency for everyone involved.
  • Shadow reduced light –Dramatically reduced and diffused shadows also contribute to higher safety and to faster and better work.
  • High portability – POWERMOON® can be set up pretty much everywhere: On- and off roads, under bridges, in tunnels, woods etc.

POWERMOON® balloon lights produce high quality light wherever needed.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

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