Road Construction Lighting

Throughout the last 10 years POWERMOON® has become a standard technology to lighting up moving as well as stationary construction sites on roads and highways. Around the world we call the biggest contractors as well as machine manufacturers our customers. E.g. WIRTGEN, VOEGELE, Rieth Riley, Miller Bradford, SEVENSON..

What makes a POWERMOON® so attractive and a perfect fit for a road construction site with moving traffic?

Easily set up as a stationary lighting system or transported along on moving machinery, a POWERMOON® guarantees much better lighting conditions than provided by conventional lighttowers or worklights. The glare free and shadow reduced light resembles daylight conditions and leads to drastically improved safety and efficiency! With highly improved visibility contractors can see much better what they are doing, communicate more easily, and are less annoyed and tired while working at night. Passing traffic is less blinded and distracted by glare as it is known from conventional lights. That’s why some US State DOT’s (Department of Transportation) have already made balloonlights mandatory on road construction sites.

These benefits lead to significantly improved results and guarantee companies a clear advantage in a competitive environment: Higher safety means less personal costs and also less financial liability. Better and faster workmanship (less warranty claims and less time needed per job) consequently leads to an impeccable reputation.

POWERMOON® advantages for road construction in a nutshell:

  • Glare Free Light – Drastically improves safety and work efficiency for everyone involved (contractors as well as passing traffic).
  • High portability - POWERMOON are highly portable and can be set up everywhere within a few seconds. Mounted to construction machinery as well as stationary on poles or stands, the contractor has high quality light wherever needed.
  • Shadow reduced light – Not only do less shadows also contribute to higher safety but also lead to better judgment on the work in progress. Shadow reduced light (which resembles daylight conditions) makes it much easier to ‘read’ and judge the job.





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