POWERMOON LED Balloon Lights!

The biggest fleet of LED balloon lights worldwide for all work environments!

Although you could argue that it is important to be able to see clearly under any set of circumstances, there are certain situations where it is not just a preference, it is an absolute necessity. When you are looking to light a construction site, an accident scene, a traffic checkpoint, or a major sporting event, only daylight-level visibility will do, no matter what time of day it happens to be.
That is where our POWERMOON® LED light balloons and balloon lights for light towers come in. Our lighting balloons (or ‘moon balloon’ as some people call them) don’t just make sure workers and passersby can see properly. They ensure industrial-grade visibility that is free of glare, dark spots, and inconvenient shadows.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

Why Choose LED Light Balloons And LED Balloon Work Lights?

Professional Standard Lighting

POWERMOON® LED Light balloons and portable LED lighting balloons for light towers don’t just make sure your site is well-lit. Our systems diffuse light to an extend that glare is eliminated and shadows are drastically reduced. Also: You can use our lights practically everywhere using our numerous set up systems or on machinery! On roads and off roads, on or under bridges, in tunnels and indoors. You name it. This is why our technology satisfies most safety rules and regulations existing for example in DOT specifications, Fire Rescue training handbooks etc. etc. You can trust our industrial grade LED balloon lights to illuminate your work areas, construction sites, rescue efforts, roadblocks and crime scenes as well as your events such as sporting events, community gatherings etc. at highest standard

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

Portable And Convenient – Instant On - Off – No Cool Down Time!

Of course, it is not enough for professional on-site lighting to be bright and reliable. It needs to be convenient and effortless to use. Our portable LED balloon lights and light tower balloons are made to be set up and taken down again in a matter of seconds. They ignite instantly and reignite instantly. No heat development and no cool down time! Plus, our technology is capable of working well under absolutely every possible weather condition and in any environment. That said, it really doesn’t matter where you need your light towers to be able to work. Our technology is up to the challenge.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

Quality You Can Count On

Our POWERMOON® LED balloon lights and LED lighting balloons for light towers are the most reliable balloon light systems in the industry for numerous reasons:
It starts with our mechanical, umbrella style open close system which can not accidently deflate. It continues with the fact that we use highest quality LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and mount them to cooling systems we entirely develop ourselves and built in house in our manufacturing facilities to make sure they suffice the hardest work expectations.  And it does not end with the high quality of service we provide!

That said, POWERMOON® are capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions. When we say our LED balloon lights meet even the highest, strictest professional standards, we mean it.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

The Biggest Fleet Of Industrial Balloon Lights

POWERMOON® offers the biggest fleet of industrial balloon lights. Our LED Balloon Lights are available in different wattages and with different lumen outputs as well as in all voltages available: 12V, 24V, 48V,  110V, 230V

When It Counts, It Has to Be POWERMOON®

POWERMOON®® Balloon Lights have been the go-to choice of construction giants, law enforcement agencies, major sports venues, EMTs, race tracks and more for over 20 years, with good reason. We truly give our best every day so you can do your job and so that our name is synonymous with words like integrity, reliability, durability, and most of all service. Let us, or one of our numerous dealers all over the country, help you find the perfect light for your project. – A POWERMOON®® LED balloon light!

To find out more call us today at 770-516-2266, use our contact form, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact one of our many dealers all over the country!

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower